Enhance Your Smile with Juvéderm Volbella

Aging leads to volume loss and the formation of unsightly wrinkles around the mouth area – Juvéderm Volbella is one of the most effective treatments for this common concern. A member of the highly popular Juvéderm Family, Volbella is an FDA-approved dermal filler that has been uniquely formulated to provide smooth natural results when used in and around the mouth.

Volbella is the perfect treatment for:

  • Achieving natural results without looking overdone
  • A subtle lip enhancement that doesn’t look fake
  • Correcting “smoker’s lines” around the mouth

The Dermatology Institute is led by Dr. Daniel Behroozan, a Board-Certified Dermatologist who was designated a “Super Doctor of Southern California” in 2016 and 2017. Dr. Behroozan’s advanced medical training, cutting-edge equipment and dedication to cosmetic dermatology make him an expert in the art of administering dermal fillers and injectables. He and his team of skilled dermatologists are dedicated to achieving the best results for their patients. When it comes to treating signs of aging around the lips and mouth, Juvéderm Volbella is a top choice for our team in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

What makes Juvéderm Volbella unique?

Formulated with innovative Vycross technology, Volbella consists of a clear gel with a smooth consistency. The advanced formulation enhances the effects of hyaluronic acid, helping Juvéderm Volbella to last longer than many other fillers in the Juvéderm family. The unique formulation of makes it the perfect solution for treating the lip area – from smoothing out lines and wrinkles to augmenting the natural shape of the lips.

Treatment with Juvéderm Volbella

Our Santa Monica and Beverly Hills dermatologists begin the treatment by applying a numbing cream to the lip area to ensure patient comfort. After preparation, Volbella injections are gently administered by your dermatologist. During the treatment, the lip filler will spread to smooth lip lines and create a long-lasting impression. Because the results are immediate, our doctors are able to carefully control the outcome of your result. Filler will continue to be added until the desired result is achieved. The lip enhancement procedure is performed in about 15 minutes and can help you achieve a natural and re-contoured appearance for up to 1 year.

Recovery from Juvéderm Volbella

Since all injections are administered by our highly experienced team of dermatologists, side effects are minimal and there is no down-time. Our patients are able to return to their regular schedules after leaving our Southern California office. Due to the nature of treatment, there is a slight chance of swelling, redness or irritation at the injection site, but this will subside within hours to days following Volbella. We recommend refraining from exercise, blood-thinners and direct-sunlight the first day after your injections to promote optimal recovery.

3 Ways Juvéderm Volbella Benefits your Lips
1. Effectiveness – Vycross technology allows for molecules such as elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid to attach quicker to the dermal filler. The rapid integration offers a more natural and secure contour line.
2. Long-lasting – Since the composition of Juvéderm Volbella is different, it isn’t absorbed by the body as rapidly as other fillers. This means plumper lips and wrinkle reduction for up to a year!
3. Versatile – Fills smoker’s lines, cupid’s bow and tear troughs for a naturally contoured and revitalized appearance.

Why choose Dermatology Institute for your Juvéderm Volbella treatment?

Each Juvéderm Volbella treatment is administered by Founder and Director of the Dermatology Institute of Southern California, Dr. Daniel Behroozan or a member of his team. Our goal is to make each patient’s experience as safe and comfortable as possible. The skin specialist utilizes utmost precision and skill when injecting the delicate lip area and works with each patient closely to achieve beautifully tailored results. To schedule a consultation at our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills office, please contact us today.


  • Non surgical procedure
  • Safe and reliable
  • No downtime required after
  • Natural looking results

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