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Acne Scars Treatment in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

Acne scarring is a common but unwelcome side effect of adolescence when hormonal imbalances trigger the growth of pimples or cysts on the face. Sometimes the skin inflammation caused by the acne is so severe it causes unsightly scarring, resulting in bumpy, uneven, red skin.

Many different types of acne scars can develop:

  • One of the most common types of acne scarring is the “ice pick scars,” which are deep, narrow depressions in the skin that end in a sharp point. Ice pick scars are often difficult to treat through simple laser resurfacing procedures.
  • Rolling scars are wide-reaching depressions in the skin that tend to be shallower than ice pick or boxcar scars. They create the appearance of rolling hills along the surface of the skin.
  • Boxcar scars have angular depressions in the skin and appear most frequently around the temple and cheeks.
  • Keloid scars occur when cells “overgrow” while regenerating to heal a wound in the skin. The result is often a raised or recessed mark in the skin that takes on a pink or purple hue.

Today, thanks to the development of several advanced technologies, men and women no longer have to endure acne scarring. Scientists over the years have harnessed the power of lasers to help smooth out the surface of the skin and remove redness or other discoloration.

Using revolutionary Fraxel laser technology, Dr. Daniel Behroozan provides life-changing skin treatments to hundreds of patients with acne scarring every year. Based in Los Angeles, the Dr. Daniel Behroozan is a specialist in Fraxel lasers and performs treatments at each of his three facilities in Santa Monica, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Fraxel lasers are known for their unprecedented safety and effectiveness in treating skin conditions. The technology employs a fractional method of dividing the skin into thousands of columns, known as microscopic treatment zones (MTZ). By treating only select MTZs, the laser spares other healthy skin tissue during the treatment, allowing for shorter recovery times compared with traditional procedures.

Two types of Fraxel lasers are particularly effective in addressing acne scarring: Fraxel Re:Store and Fraxel Re:Pair. The two treatments differ, however, in their degree of aggressiveness. Fraxel Re:Store is a gentle method used to treat mild to severe cases of acne scarring. The benefit of this method is that recovery is short and you can go back to your daily routine within 2-3 days. But because of its mildness, anywhere from 4 to 8 treatments may be required to achieve the desired results, depending on each patient. Usually, the deeper the scar, the more numbers of treatments required.

Fraxel Re:Pair is a more aggressive procedure designed to treat more severe skin conditions. The drawback with Fraxel Re:Pair is that recovery following the procedure can take 7-10 days, although fewer treatments are needed overall than with Fraxel Re:Store. Some patients see results in as few as 1-2 treatments.

During an initial patient consultation at our Los Angeles office, Dr. Behroozan will examine your scars and determine which treatment will produce the best results, depending on your skin type, the types and severity of scarring, etc. Call today to learn how Fraxel lasers can help you say goodbye to acne scars and hello to silky smooth skin.

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