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QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments for the Face

The QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser is the most advanced technology when it comes to skin revitalization, especially for the face. This sophisticated treatment is a non-surgical facelift that targets wrinkles, acne and trauma-related scarring, crow’s feet and age spots. After just one treatment, skin is rejuvenated, smoother and dramatically healthier.

The QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser works by sending a pattern of carbon dioxide laser beams into the skin, creating microscopic and strategically-placed holes that allow the body to start producing collagen. Naturally made by the body, collagen helps to keep skin tight, full and vibrant.

The fractionated nature of the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser allows the laser energy to affect only a fraction of the skin instead of its entire surface, thus speeding up recovery time and enhancing the results.

The treatment itself takes about one hour and to help with any possible discomfort, individuals can receive mild sedation or ointment anesthetic. Afterwards, individuals may experience a slight sunburned feeling with peeling skin but are fully recovered after about four or five days. The results of the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser are practically immediate: scars are smoothed out and wrinkles and spots are significantly diminished several days after treatment.

Skin continues to improve and smooth out over several months following treatment. The results of the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser are permanent, dramatically reducing the need for any over-the-counter facial beauty products.

The Dermatology Institute of Southern California is pleased to offer you the very best in facial skin care. You can trust that your face’s tone, appearance and health are in good hands when you meet with Dr. Behroozan.

Always helping you to put your best face forward, the Dermatology Institute of Southern California has two office locations: one in Beverly Hills and the other in Santa Monica. Providing only the most advanced skin care solutions, we serve clients from West Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Bel Air, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, West Hollywood, Playa Vista, Malibu and Brentwood.

Alternatively, the Fraxel Re:Store Laser may be used for treatment of the face, neck, chest, arms, back, or legs. These treatments have less downtime and may need multiple sessions to achieve similar results as the fractional CO2 Laser.

QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 laser treatments for the neck

The Dermatology Institute of Southern California is pleased to offer the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser, one of the most sophisticated skin revitalization treatments available. This advanced procedure is especially well suited for the neck, a very sensitive area of the body. Targeting acne and trauma-related scarring, wrinkles and age spots, the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser leaves skin healthier, smoother and rejuvenated after just one quick treatment.

The QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser repairs skin by using carbon dioxide energy beams that make small holes in the skin. Strategically placed, the holes trigger the body to start making collagen, which is a protein that naturally keeps skin firm and full. Because the laser sends out beams in a fractionated manner, not all skin is affected, therefore allowing the untreated skin to boost the recovery time.

The QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser treatment lasts about an hour. To alleviate slight discomfort, individuals can receive a topical anesthetic or mild sedative. When the treatment is completed, individuals may feel like they have sunburn, and the skin on their neck may begin to peel. This is normal and very temporary because the skin will recover in about four or five days.

In about five days, individuals will see dramatic results on their necks: the skin will be smoother, wrinkles will be filled in, scars will be diminished and the skin’s overall color will be healthier and more radiant. The skin will continue to improve for several months after the QuadraLASE Fractional CO2 Laser Skin treatment. And, the results are permanent.

Your skin is very important to the Dermatology Institute of Southern California, especially the very delicate neck area.