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Fraxel Recovery Questions

What is the recovery time for Fraxel laser treatment?

The recovery time for Fraxel laser treatment is very quick, and the patient does not have to stay in the hospital after the procedure. The patient is able to go back to his/her work immediately after the surgical procedure. However, this also depends on the nature of the patient’s job and the amount of treated area. If the patient is working in place where he/she is exposed to sun, then he/she should take some time off.

Patients should also avoid exposure to any harsh chemicals. If the patient has a job that requires handling harsh chemicals, then the patient should take leave from work for much longer period after the surgical procedure.

Is it necessary to have aftercare with the Fraxel laser technique?

With this procedure, aftercare is very important because it will initiate faster healing, and thereby reduces unwanted side effects such as scarring, infections, and blistering.

What are the requirements of aftercare with the Fraxel technique?

You should clean the treated area by washing with non-allergic cleansers that are soap-free. The cleaning should not be done more than two times daily. The treated area should be washed carefully and lightly patted it dry. Do not rub the treated area as it may bruise the treated skin. The moisture of the treated skin should be kept using creams and emollients. Los Angeles Dermatologist, Dr. Behroozan will provide the emollients, and he will also instruct the patient on how to use these creams and for how long. Dr. Behroozan will ask the patient to eat well, sleep well, and consume all kind of vitamins and medications provided by him.

What are the after effects of an aggressive Fraxel Laser procedure?

In aggressive laser treatments, there will be redness, swelling and oozing for many days. Dr. Behroozan may advise you to take the prescribed analgesics for some days to eliminate the pain. You can reduce the pain and swelling by applying ice packs on the treated area. In some cases the oozing area needs to be bandaged by the doctor.

How is the recovery time so short for the Fraxel Laser procedure?

The Fraxel Laser delivers several thin laser columns on the treated area so that only the marked area is treated and the surrounding area remains intact. These thin laser columns will stimulate the growth of collagen to achieve great results without any side effects, resulting in a quicker recovery time.

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