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Unlike other practices, board certified dermatologist
Dr. Behroozan all UltraShape sessions himself.

Are you struggling with excess fat and unsure what to do about it? Does the idea of liposuction surgery with anesthesia scare you? If so, you are certainly not alone. One of the most common health problems in the world is excessive fat, which almost all of us struggle with at some point of our lives. Understanding options for eliminating or reducing the problem is extremely important, since there are many treatment options in the market. Surgery is a less popular option these days, due to possible complications as well as technological advancements with non-surgical alternatives that are effective to larger portions of the patients Dr. Behroozan sees in his Los Angeles practice.

UltraShape is a relatively new technology which has been FDA cleared for abdominal circumference reduction by lowering the number and size of fat cells in targeted areas. UltraShape brings the best of both worlds together by allowing you to quickly tackle small fat deposits in a pain-free procedure with no bruising, allowing you to come in during your lunch break, have a session, and continue with your day as usual.

How Does UltraShape Work? UltraShape emits acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy that will target only the fat cells at a controlled level. The pulses that are emitted allow control of the area and enables fat destruction to occur instantaneously. Unlike other systems like CoolSculpting that use freezing / heating energy to destroy fat cells.

Why UltraShape is Better Than Other Fat Removal Techniques

UltraShape is the only non-surgical fat removal technology that effectively targets small areas such as the arms that cannot be targeted with CoolSculpting. Much of the competition can be costlier, more painful, and even require more time than UltraShape. When you come to meet with Dr. Behroozan, he will be able to help you identify whether the areas you are concerned with will be best treated with UltraShape, CoolSculpting, or other fat removal solutions. Dr. Behroozan was voted by other physicians as one of Los Angeles “Top Dermatologists” as well as Southern California’s Super Doctors. Located in beautiful Santa Monica, Dr. Behroozan has extensive experience in fat removal and he personally performs each UltraShape session to make sure your results will be optimal. Call (310) 392-1111 to set an appointment at our Santa Monica or Beverly Hills offices.

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